On this website you will find information about the Three Rivers Workforce Development Board's High Initiative Career Planning project. 

What we are doing

The 10-county, Three Rivers region of west Georgia is driving forward a plan to better serve its employers by expanding workforce and learning opportunities in the growing manufacturing sector.

If you are a manufacturer, educator, workforce training provider or economic developer, you need to be a part of this regional discussion. 

Why should I participate?

Manufacturing is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the Three Rivers region. Over the past 5 years, employment growth in the manufacturing sector has outpaced both the state and national levels. We must work together to ensure its continued success in our region.

 Your valuable input – gained through participation in county and regional meetings and the survey – will help us understand the following about our community:

  • Condition and needs of the current workforce
  • Needs, priorities, and hiring/training processes of local manufacturing employers
  • Quality and accessibility of education in the region
  • Need for new program development or current program enhancement
  • Perceived skills gaps within the community

About the Project

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The goal of the project is three-fold. First, we will seek to understand our region’s manufacturing sector and our ability to supply it with a workforce both now and in the future. Next, we will launch an interactive website to showcase the many ways to live, learn, and earn in the 10-county, Three Rivers region of west Georgia. Lastly, we will create a Manufacturing Sector Partnership to ensure continued engagement and collaboration among our manufacturing industry and educators. 

Project Updates


ThreeRiversData.com was launched in early 2018 to provide residents, businesses, and community leaders in the 10-county Three Rivers region in West Georgia with extensive workforce and industry data to make business and policy decision and to help job seekers identify local career opportunities. It is a one-stop, interactive, online portal that is free to the public. 

Explore ThreeRiversData.com

Manufacturing Sector Analysis

The Manufacturing Sector Analysis (released in July 2018) provides an understanding of the current condition of the Three Rivers region manufacturing industry and workforce. It also assesses the long-term job creation forecast for occupations in manufacturing and includes profiles for key manufacturing occupations. 

Review the draft Manufacturing Sector Analysis.

How can I get involved?

  • Plan to attend the regional meetings in Griffin and LaGrange (dates to be announced). At these meetings, we will provide updates on the project and seek feedback on future activities.
    • The next round of regional meetings is slated for August 2018. During these meetings we will roll out the Talent Portal and hold strategic discussions for the Manufacturing Sector Partnership.
  • Take the employer survey (currently closed; reopens Q4 2018). The annual online survey will provide us with valuable information on the talent needs/concerns and hiring plans for the local manufacturing sector. 

Technical Team

This project is being led by the LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce, with technical support from Avalanche Consulting. The Chamber will lead the employer and community engagement, while Avalanche will produce the Manufacturing Sector analysis and develop the technology tools. 

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The LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce is the leading business advocate in west central Georgia. Its members represent some of the region’s most important and influential entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, small business owners, young professionals, educators, and others. The Chamber unites businesses and professionals to collectively accomplish what cannot be done individually. 


Avalanche Consulting’s mission and passion is to help communities become more vibrant and prosperous. We are a leading national consultancy specializing in strategic planning, workforce analyses, and customized research for economic and workforce development organizations.

Have Questions?

For any questions related to the project or to get involved, please contact: 

Page Estes
LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce
(706) 884-8671

Jennifer Vernon
Avalanche Consulting
(864) 270-8172

Funding Partners