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Did you know that the average manufacturing salary in our region is $12,000 higher than the overall average? It’s true. Even more exciting, manufacturing salaries in our region have increased nearly 13% during the past 5 years.

A career in manufacturing offers not only the highest average salary but also the greatest opportunity for growth. There are many manufacturing career opportunities in our region to choose from.


Our region’s 400+ manufacturers produce exciting and innovative products that are sold around the globe. What other career allows you the opportunity to earn a great living while creating products that people around the world use in everyday life?

There are xxx opportunities in our manufacturing industry. Explore some of these companies and their amazing career opportunities here.

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Manufacturing offers opportunities in a variety of functions and at every skill level, from a high school diploma to a master’s degree. Whether your interests are in design & engineering, production, maintenance & repair, sales & marketing, or management, there’s an opportunity for you to earn, learn, and grow with a career in manufacturing.

Explore opportunities for learning and earning in our region.

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