About Heard County

Heard County, population 11,834, is located near the Georgia-Alabama line in the west central section of Georgia and is a small close-knit community. While it is a small county, it is growing rapidly, with new amenities being built everyday. State-of-the-art fire stations, new schools with updated technology and recreational offerings, including a newly built three-story high school, and a recreational facility that is second to none being built along with a new arena are just some of the ways this community is ready and looking toward growth.

There is scenic beauty throughout the county including the Chattahoochee River in Franklin and hillside views atop Blackjack Mountain near Ephesus, numerous streams, panoramic views from hilltops and vast granite rock outcroppings.In addition to recreational opportunities offered by the school, residents enjoy the 25,900 acre West Point Lake. The Heard County Recreation Department is located near the banks of the Chattahoochee River. Baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, a gymnasium with basketball court, and a walking trail invite residents to enjoy recreational activities year round. Currently, the county is working on a new state of the art recreational facility, an arena, and a skate park for its' residents.

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